Fun Tips and Tricks for Your Bake Sale

There are many great ways to have a successful celebration. First off, get creative and have fun! Plan an event that you will enjoy. Maybe you will host a traditional bake sale, where you set up a table at a high traffic location and sell, sell, sell, or maybe you will host a unique party at your home. Whatever you choose, here are some tips for you:

  • If you are having a traditional bake sale, make sure to have the real crowd pleasers on hand. Portable and individual servings do best, like brownies, crispy treats, cookies, and cupcakes. If you are catering to a pet-loving crowd, consider including some healthy, all-natural dog biscuits or pupcakes. 

  • Consider offering nut-free and gluten-free options for those who have allergies or dietary restrictions. Have a list of ingredients on hand so that those with allergies or who are on special diets can make sure the baked items are suitable and safe for them. 

  • Keep food safety in mind. Make sure you and your bake team practice thorough hand washing during the baking process. Avoid bake sale items that require refrigeration, such as dairy-based items. Make sure to avoid serving undercooked items by baking everything all the way through and individually package items so that eager hands are not contaminating the treats. Check out additional tips and policies with your local health department. 

  • Package items in clear cellophane or wrap so customers can see what they are buying. Decorating items with stickers, bows or pretty packaging will really make your table pop.

  • Have some no-calorie options for people to support you, such as a donation jar or a raffle item. 

Do you have a special human or pet recipe you would like to share? Please email recipes and photos to and we will share them via this site, and on our social media channels. 

Hosting a Treats & Sweets Fundraiser at Work

Here are a few tips to help you to bake like a boss:

  • Spread the word through your company newsletter, intranet, email system, and bulletin boards.

  • Location!  Location!  Location!  Make sure to select a high traffic area at your workplace to set up a Treats & Sweets Day sale, such as the lobby, break room, or cafeteria. 

  • Host your Treats & Sweets Day on the go by placing baked treats on a mobile cart and visiting different floors, offices and cubicles. If you are too busy to staff your Treats & Sweets Day event during work, send an email letting your colleagues know there are tasty treats on a special table in your office kitchen alongside a donation jar.

  • Get creative with your event! If you are a Pet Partners handler, get permission to bring your animal to work and have a Meet, Greet & Treats party, where your colleagues will have a chance to meet your Pet Partners therapy animal. Or, be a smart cookie and host a workplace party with perks, like a Coffee  & Cookies party! Maybe you could have a Dress Down & Eat Up party, where participants can make a donation of $5 to be able to go casual for the day, while also having the option to purchase some tasty nibbles.

Check with your HR department, as your Treats & Sweets Day funds may be eligible for your company’s matching gift program.