Fundraising Tips


Create your World’s Largest Pet Walk Fundraising Page: 

Setting up your fundraising page will help you successfully raise funds to support Pet Partners. You can efficiently use online fundraising to spread the word to friends, family, coworkers and neighbors about your efforts and encourage them to make donations online. Walkers who raise funds online will typically raise more than double the donations of participants who choose not to fundraise online. There are a few steps to get your fundraising page set up:

  • Personalize your page with your profile photo and your own message. Let everyone know why you’re walking and raising funds for Pet Partners – your supporters are more likely to donate if they can understand your story and why supporting animal-assisted therapy is important to you. Maybe you are participating because you want to celebrate your own pet, because you are a handler, you recently retired your animal, or because you or a loved one has been the recipient a of visit from a therapy animal team during a time of need. 
  • Send personalized emails to potential supporters to improve your fundraising success! Make a goal to send at least 15 personalized emails inviting your friends and family to support your walking efforts.
  • Make sure to set a fundraising goal on your page. Setting goals will keep you focused and motivated to cross your own fundraising finish line! 

Lace Up and Team Up!

You can form a team for the World’s Largest Pet Walk, so a group of you can fundraise together! Form a company team, school team, Community Partner team, or a team for any type of group you are associated with. Encourage others to take steps with their pets too, and to sign up to be on your team and collect donations online. The more the healthier!


Walk the Walk and Spread the Word!

Be sure to forward your individual and team fundraising pages to everyone you know. Utilize the social media images we have provided and share the strides you are making on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Do whatever you can to spread the word about #WorldsLargestPetWalk and #PetPartners.


Involve your animals 

Maybe you and your pet are a registered Pet Partners team, or you are a proud parent to a brand-new pup, or you just REALLY love taking strolls with your llama. Whatever special animals are in your life, involve them by walking together with them or by sharing how you are working together to support Pet Partners.