Thank you for participating in the World’s Largest Pet Walk

If you've already raised some money for World’s Largest Pet Walk, THANK YOU! Below are tips on how to turn in donations to Pet Partners. When fundraising, encourage your donors to use your online fundraising page to donate. It is simple and secure, and they are given a tax receipt immediately.


Directions for Donors:

Go to and click the "donate" button in the top right corner. 

In the search box, look up the name of the team or individual walker who you would like your donation to count toward. Click the "donate" button next to the result that matches who you'd like to support. Enter the amount you'd like to donate. You'll be asked to enter in your personal information and payment as well. Don't forget to provide some words of encouragement for the walker after you submit your payment!


Turning in Donations Through Your Online Fundraising Page:

If you receive cash, you can deposit the money and then enter a donation from your own account. Simply follow the directions above to enter these gifts. 


  1. You can add other offline donations that you'll mail in, but adding them in as soon as you receive them gives your fundraising goal a quick boost! Log in to your World’s Largest Pet Walk account, then click the "donations" button at the top of your dashboard. 
  2. Click "enter cash/checks" to enter in the gift. When you've filled in all the information, click "submit". 
  3. Follow the steps below to mail in the check or cash. 


Mailing in a Check:

Please mail funds to: Pet Partners, Attn: World’s Largest Pet Walk, 345 118th Ave SE, Suite 200, Bellevue, WA 98005. Use this form to denote who the donation is from and what team or walker this gift should be applied to. If you have questions about World’s Largest Pet Walk or need assistance with your fundraiser, please email